Blinds Collection

Product Child Safety

It is important for customers with children to know that blinds cords are dangerous for children as they pose the risk of children getting caught in them and get accidentally injured. While as standard vertical blinds are supplied with cords, on special requests put forth to our team on a special cord release device can be integrated into the blind. Please note that while the device does not ensure 100% safety, it offers protection as, under certain pressure and weight, the cord is split. If you are concerned about blind safety please feel free to contact us with any questions or ask your sales advisor what products are available.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds can be an alternative solution to curtains in that they are hanging and separate from the side or middle when pulling the cord. Ideal for waking up in the morning and revealing a Sunny day. Where curtains or other types of roller blinds might completely block out the light, Vertical blinds permit the right amount of light to infiltrate your room whilst maintaining your privacy. A custom made vertical window blind is often used to decorate the windows of offices but as well for home decor. These window blinds come as standard with headrail in white, stacking on right hand size and top fix brackets. Replace your curtains and give your space a fresh new look with the help of the line of window vertical blinds we offer you. They are the perfect combination between functionality and design as they come with great patterns and colours making it easier for you to integrate them into your home. You can have them custom made and decide on the way they are stacked. Vertically hanging louvers do not collect dust. However if they do require cleaning they can be removed from the blind very easily and are a particularly valuable asset when the blind fabrics are machine or hand washable.

Wooden Blinds

For warmth, durability and natural beauty, wooden blinds are the number one choice by many. Wooden blinds reflect a long lasting level of quality and that can't be duplicated. With a premium selection of colours to choose from, these quality wooden blinds make a superior window covering. Wooden blinds offer a warm and inviting look to any decor. Whether they are richly stained or painted, wooden blinds are the modern alternative to shutters. All blinds come standard with a tailored wood valance to cover the head rail. Wooden blinds consist of horizontal wood slats that can be tilted open or closed for light control and can be the ideal accessories to compliment furniture and wooden floors.The natural look of wooden blinds adds style and character to any room, their timeless beauty and natural characteristics seen in contemporary and traditional rooms throughout the world.

Fauxwood Blinds

Fauxwood blinds are very popular now. They have the characteristics of real wood with the benefit of being moisture proof. In addition, it is an economical alternative to wood blinds. There are different types of faux wood. We carry a high quality blind that our customers will proudly put up in their homes. PVC faux woods are heavier. Composite faux wood is made of engineered wood wrapped in vinyl. They are lighter. They are available in wood tones or different shades of white, bone or ivory. They will never warp., which makes them perfect for any high humidity room such as a kitchen, bathroom, or basement.

Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are the combination of highest comfort, aesthetics and functionality. The automated systems we offer allow for remote control of all the blinds in the house from one remote control device as well as each blind can be equipped with individual control device. Furthermore, systems we provide allow programming specific operational scenarios, which are actively involved in the management of solar energy in the premises. One of the most interesting and innovative technologies on the market today are modern motorized blinds and other motorized window treatments like shades, drapes, and curtains. Our motorised blinds are the perfect solution for residential buildings as well as offices, schools, sports facilities and public premises. Motorized blinds help maintain the beauty of your home or office's interior and make your rooms more comfortable throughout the day, while also making your space more stylish and warm. It is the best way to appreciate and utilize the natural light in any location big or small. Motorized blinds are especially useful for windows placed in elevated areas such as building entryways, living rooms, over bathtubs or kitchen sinks, and stairways with cathedral ceilings. Blinds that are located in unreachable areas can easily be adjusted for any time of day or season with the simple push of a button.

Panel Tracks

Panel Tracks are stylist, innovative new solution to sliding glass doors and large windows. The Graber brand features an easy gliding aluminum track system and a panel attachment that reduces the light gap between panels. The panels slide to either side as they overlap each other. They can be translucent, solar screen or other fabrics that verticals are made from (using the same materials, but different treatments (i.e. verticals, shades, etc.) can tie in smaller windows that are near the larger windows. The popularity of sliding panels is increasing as customers are looking for new ways to enhance their windows. Another option for this treatment is to go past the frame of the window. This increases the view of the outside and also enlarges the window. Panel Tracks have also be room divider, This allows for one room to function as two rooms. Furniture can now be placed against the panel allowing for more floor space. They are available with an optional valance.